Sissi Antique Silver Door Handle on Rosette Linea Calì Vintage

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Sissi Antique Silver Door Handle on Rosette Linea Calì Vintage

Model: Sissi - Pair of handles on rosette and escutcheon.Material: Brass.Finish: Antique Silver.

Pleasantly classical, the new line of handles for doors and windows inspired by the elegance of Princess Sissi features simple and elegant embellishments.

Its delicate inlays, that remind us of the hairstyle invented by Fanny Angerer for Princess Sissi, become more or less pronounced depending on the chosen finish thus fitting in with all types of woods and classical environments.

Dimension sheet square rosette version:

Dimension sheet round rosette version:Key hole at your choice: customize your Linea Calì handle.Linea Cali - Opening Doors with style

Linea Calì born in 1986, when they launched products that combined both functionality and design.

Every handle is designed and created exclusively in Italy, in full compliance with the legislative requirements of European standards.Only Made in Italy

Linea Calì produces high-quality handles, and it does so only in Italy.

The plant is located in Vobarno (BS).